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Okra, known as the "Olympic Vegetables", is one of the best

Okra, known as the "Olympic Vegetables", is one of the best health-care vegetables for mankind, and has been designated as the first choice for athletes by many countries I'm a nutritionist and health coach by profession and at heart I am an advocate for good food choices and the importance of their respective diet as compared to other dietary methods. Nowadays most people have turned towards vegetarianism because of the fear of becoming obese or having more health issues, I myself had tried my hand with that, however it took me quite some time to adjust to the lifestyle. It can be frustrating if you try something new and then later find out there is nothing or no results, as in this case I try and change dietings every couple of months, however when it comes to health you should stick to what works for you, otherwise your body will never learn. That's what I did, and so I gave up on going completely vegan, I became one of those persons who would go through the

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