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Jan Pat CortezSellerJan Pat Cortez
VerticalsCrypto, Finance, Forex/Binary, Make money
SourcesLead Generation , Other
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosBahrain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania
B2B, Online Business Opportunity, Forex & Crypto CPL leads

CPL Leads for Forex, Crypto & Online Business Opportunity
High ROI in Retention because all the clients are professional and have work

GEOs: GCC Arabic & English, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, UK, Nordic countries, Czech
Traffic Source: Generated manually on LinkedIn

* To give you short info about the tool that we used to generate leads, it's generated manually on LinkedIn, we talk to the client who wants to earn extra income regarding online trading business or B2B script or if you have prefer script that we can send to the clients we can also use that. If the client agrees, they will send their mobile number as well their email address so your sales dept can do the conversion. We provide also the client screenshot so that we have proof that the client gave their contact info.

High Conversion rate 3-5% & ROI

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