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SellerSuo Ma Kiếm
VerticalsAdult, Beauty, Casino Gambling, Health
SourcesAffiliation, Lead Generation , Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosCanada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, United States
Facebook Ads Accounts for lease

I have senior advertising account from facebook
- Processing time faster, approving ads easier
- Reach is higher than the personal accounts
- High trust level to Facebook
- Unlimited to spend money
- Good for blackhat, cloaking, traffic, affiliate, news, skin care..
- Long lasting Ads campaigns ~ Priority for enterprises E - Commerce, Black hat,
- Private Game Server, TeeSpring, Muscle, Health...
- Offered by reputable dealers in Asia..
Add me on Skype: live: tung.ht6691. if you are interested.

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