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BuyerManish Verma
VerticalsCasino Gambling
Looking traffic for MPL APK (CPCR) Campaign

Campaign Name and Model (Mobile or Web) MPL Indonesia (APK)
Campaign Description Gaming
Campaign Type (CPA, CPC, CPL etc) CPCR
Campaign start date 11-09-2019
ProfiliAd payout $0.40
Targeting specification (Country Target) Indonesia

Allowed media Only in-app inventory and SDK traffic
Restrictions Fraud Rules:

1. Wrong Install Country - Installs coming through countries other than Indonesia will be flagged.
2. Click Injection - Installs that come within 10 seconds or less from the click would be rejected.
3. Click Spamming - Site IDs with less than 14% installs occurring between 10sec and 2 hours of the clicks are flagged and all installs coming from that Site ID would be rejected. (Minimum installs = 50)
4. Fraud incent (Day 2 retention below 4%) Calculated on a site ID basis (Minimum installs = 50)
Advertiser Extended Terms Postbacks passed : Install, Open, registration, 1 Games played

Skype - manish29verma