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Den KhlanBuyerDen Khlan
VerticalsBeauty, Health, Nightlife
SourcesAffiliation, Blogs/Forums, Co-registration, Database, Display, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Pop Up/Under, RTB, Rating Sites, Search Engine, Social Media, Video, Other
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
UA Nutra. Viagra, keto,  body treatment. CPL $3. NO PREPAYMENT

Native landing pages
Biomanix. (Viagra) Product price 65 UAH/2.4 USD or free trial

Instaflex. (Joint treatment). Product price 33 UAH/1.2 USD or 65 UAH/2.4 USD

Giperten. (Arterial pressure). Product price 65 UAH/2.4 USD

KetoDiet. Product price 65 UAH/2.4 USD

Artropant. (Back treatment). Product price 65 UAH/2.4 USD, or free trial

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