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Mediallianz Ads
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Mediallianz is buying ad Inventories from across the world at unmatched CPM's!

Highest Rev Shares, Complete mix of Display, Rich Media, Video & Text!

RON Sites Accepted!

We also provide custom ad formats based on your inventory.

Connect with me :
Skype: Aksh.Chhetija
Email: aksh@mediallianz.com


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Mediallianz is partnered with multiple Ad Exchanges & has a direct pool of advertisers helping Publishers get unmatched CPM's.

We work with ROS/RON with complete Payment Security!

To know more, Ping me on Skype: Aksh.Chhetija or mail me at aksh@mediallianz.com.

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Mediallianz is offering campaigns from more than 20 Demand Side Platforms. We offer high CPM's depending upon traffic behaviour.

Ping me on Skype at Aksh.Chhetija or mail me at aksh@mediallianz.com for collaborations.

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I represent Strategic Partnerships at Mediallianz. We have a strong Demand for traffic from Tier 1 countries and work on RON/ROS for Display & Video.

For a quick discussion, ping me on:
Skype: Aksh.chhetija
Email: aksh@mediallianz.com

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We are a Google Certified Ad Agency based out of India.

We have experience working on various domains enabling Digital Marketing on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and many more programmatic platforms !

Since inception, our team has managed more than $4 Million + and have earned the Google Partners Badge.

Other than this, we also manage campaigns on TIL(Colombia), Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, RevContent, etc.

We specialize in delivering any type of Brand & Performance campaigns across various industries.

To discuss this further, kindly add me on Skype at Aksh.Chhetija.

Look forward to hearing from you !

Aksh Chhetija

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I represent Partnerships at Mediallianz. We are a complete Monetization and Advertising Suite. Trusted by more than 20 DSP’s and exchanges helps us to resolve the most essential need of a Publisher – Revenue!

Mediallianz helps in delivering a near 100% Fill across all GEO’s with a set of completely premium advertisements. This helps your website to retain its quality as well.
Apart from this, we offer the following:
1. One to One interaction with your Account Manager. Yes, we do not have a ticketing system!
2. Combination of Display, Rich Media and Text ads with the most competitive rates
3. Complete Optimization and tips from our Ops team
4. Regular reporting directly to your mailbox

To discuss further, you can mail me on Aksh@mediallianz.com or add me on Skype at Aksh.Chhetija.

Look forward to hearing from you.