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Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Specially for your Islamic countries traffic -http://WapEmpire.com presents Ramadan offers!
If you need any particular GEO, just ask - we will get what you need!

UAE: Du, Etisalat
payout $3.00

BAHRAIN: Viva, Batelco
payout $2.4

IRAQ: Asiacell
payout $0.72

More GEOs on demand!
Skype: we_daria
Email: daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Hi all! Let me introduce a collection http://WapEmpire.com prepared for you.
Gameloft - top gaming portal and great performing CPA offer. Nice payout rates and conversion ratio included!
For more details email daria@wemail.biz or skype me: we_daria

Latin America
AR Gameloft Claro (15548)
payout $0.6
BO Gameloft Tigo (15554)
payout $0.37
CL Gameloft Claro (15576)
payout $1.12
CO Gameloft Claro (15552)
payout $0.26
EC Gameloft Claro (15558)
payout $0.3
PE Gameloft Claro (15556)
payout $0.75

GH Gameloft MTN (22056)​
payout $0.06
GN Gameloft Orange (22055)
payout $0.21
ZM Gameloft MTN (22061)
payout $0.03

Middle East and South Africa
YE Gameloft MTN (22062)
payout $0.21
JO Gameloft Zain (22058)
payout $0.07
MA Gameloft inwi (22028)
payout $0.25
MA Gameloft IAM (22027)
payout $0.18
TN Gameloft Ooredoo (22060)
payout $0.6

LK Gameloft Mobitel (22059)
payout $0.12
ID Gameloft XL (22029)
payout $0.25
RS Gameloft Telekom (15562)
payout $1.05​

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

We know it can be hard to find good offers allowing iframe traffic.
If i-frame is what you do and love, you need good paying campaigns that allow magic. Here is the list of what http://WapEmpire.com has for you.

AR Juegos Personal (22128)
BE Kittentube Proximus (22148)
BR Rogue Fighter (22125)
CR Download Kolbi (20571)
GT Sexy Portube Claro (22119)
HN Sexy Portube Claro (22121)
IT Magic flow Tim (22126)
NI Sexy Portube Claro (22120)
SV Multi Club Digicel (13337)

Never hesitate to ask for more - we have it!
email: daria@wemail.biz
skype: we_daria (Daria WapEmpire)

Jim ParkerBuyer

looking for crypto offers

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

South-East Asia is historically considered the best destination for mobile CPA. Is it still worth your attention? Absolutely!

INDIA and INDONESIA convert with APK offers. IN carrier Tata also shows good results.
MAYNMAR and MALAYSIA perform nice with WapEmpire smartlinks and with our superstar offers!
But the real winner is CAMBODIA. It recently became leading GEO in the region due to adorable offers with high eCPM.

Monetize your SEA mobile traffic with http://WapEmpire.com!

Jim ParkerBuyer

looking for pure adult high volume tech support calls.ready to pay goof if quality is high,only want directs pubs and bulk sellers.
skype : jimmyjim10005@gmail.com


Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Looking for Arab countries/MENA region offers?
Top mainstream and adult offers on OM, QA, KW, AE, EG, TN, IQ and more waiting at WapEmpire.
Direct advertisers, flexible payment terms, 4 years in business.

Skype we_daria
Email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

WapEmpire is buying direct publishers' and mediabuyers' mixed traffic: adult and mainstream mobile, worldwide.
Monetize it with our Smartlink - easy to optimise.
For more details email me daria@wemail.biz
or skype: we_daria.

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

WapEmpire is looking for direct publishers, media buyers and networks to promote our offers. Worldwide, mobile, both adult and mainstream, smartlinks and API integration - we have it all!

Contact me for more details!
Skype: we_daria
Email: daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Hey all, we are WapEmpire - known as the most flexible network with 6 year history.
We are working with both adult and mainstream mobile traffic, monetizing it with our offers coming directly from advertisers, and adding new offers on your demand.
Flexible terms, payout methods including crypto currencies, helpful and friendly support.
Also have great solution for webmasters!

For more details visit http://wapempire.com
contact me on skype we_daria
or email daria@wemail.biz

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Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Christmas has passed, but its spirit is still here!
http://WAPEMPIRE.com looking to buy your mobile traffic on CPA basis in South Africa, Guatemala and Chile, both adult and mainstream.
South Africa
ZA Christmas Tones Vodacom (21678)
ZA Christmas Games Vodacom (21677)
ZA Christmas Movie Maker Vodacom (21675)
GT Sexy Xmas Claro (21681)
GT Xmas Hot Claro (21680)
PE Christmas Cards Claro (21663)
PE Xmas Hot Claro (21665)
PE Sexy Xmas Claro (21664)

for more information
skype: we_daria
email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Monetize your mixed traffic at WapEmpire!

You can make a smartlink for any GEOs you like: pick several of them and send others to fallback url or let our system monetize as much as it can.
If you prefer to control every little thing, you will love our option allowing to choose specific offers. It gives you more control on what you are promoting, as you are able to create your own international offer with your preferable
For more information skype: we_daria
email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireSeller

WapEmpire network welcomes all publishers who want to sell their mobile carrier traffic in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia and more. We work on CPA basis, having offers from DIRECT advertisers.
If interested, sign up with us: http://wapempire.com or contact me for any inquires.
skype: we_daria
email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Hello. WapEmpire is looking for publishers with high-quality mobile traffic worldwide, both adult and non-adult.
Ping me on skype to discuss: we_daria
Or email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Sports is maybe not as popular as Cryptocurrency, still it has its fans and will always have. Check out what you can do with these top sports offers an get more of them at http://WapEmpire.com!

AE WWE Club Etisalat(10845)
Payout $1.5
BD Cricket Zone Redirect (21217)
Payout $0.12
BR FIFA 2018 (21446)
Payout $1.05
CL Club Deportes Claro (20656)
Payout $0.86
CM Win 5 million (20627)
Payout $0.52
CY Premium Football (21093)
Payout $1.12
IR Fitness MTN (21381)
Payout $0.26
SE IF Cup (21092)
Payout $2.25
SN Sport Sweepstake (20532)
Payout $0.52
ZA Football Mania Vodacom (21117)
Payout $2.7

email me daria@wemail.biz
or skype we_daria

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Brand new Bitcoin-related content offers for your mobile users. Find them all at http://WAPEMPIRE.com

Payout $1.8
Payout $1.2
Payout $2.25
Payout $18.75
Payout $2.4
Payout $1.05

Pre-made banners are all ready for you.
More GEOs to arrive.

Skype we_daria
Email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Get low competitive and other GEOs offers with the best payout at http://WapEmpire.com. Working with dozens direct advertiser we can offer you the best prices and flexible terms.
Top regions: Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South Eat Asia, Europe.

Contact me for more information
skype we_daria
email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

WapEmpire will buy your mixed traffic, including doorways, social, website and more.
Our Smartlink has options that will help you optimise. You can pick between run-on-network and Premium, containing only the highest CPM offers.
Also available:
- choose categories
- pick offers showing best performance after a test
- advanced fallback.

For more information ping me on skype: we_daria or email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Hi all!
We have great hot offers for Irish mobile traffic: hardcore adult and sweepstakes - top ECPM in our system this week.

Top carrier: 3 (Three)
Top OS: iOS, Android

Top Adult offers:
21027 IE Sexy Cats payout
Payout $1.5
978 IE Hot Babe Vids: Amateur
Payout $1.6
918 IE Hot Babe Vids: You wont Believe
Payout $1.6

Top Sweepstakes offers:
20382 IE Vistafun Just Eat payout
Payout $9.75
20205 IE Win €500 Tesco Giftcard
Payout $9.75
16090 IE Win Supervalu Giftcard
Payout $9.37

Join WapEmpire for more high ECPM offers in Ireland and worldwide!​
For more information contact me.
email: daria@wemail.biz
skype: we_daria

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

WapEmpire is happy to announce that after an official mourning period Thailand is back and ready for your mobile campaigns!
Target 3G traffic and Android OS. Whitelist best performing IP ranges before you start testing - we will share them with you, as always :)

Here is TOP-3 for each mobile operator to help you get started:
20208 TH Sex Flow $0.64
20126 TH Hot HD Videos Truemove $0.54
20118 TH Clipza Model Videos $0.67

20319 TH Mobiteacher AIS redirect $0.67
20208 TH Sex Flow $0.64
20118 TH Clipza Model Videos $0.67

21129 TH Town DTAC $0.41
20868 TH Mgames $0.49
20840 TH Monomaxxx DTAC $0.57​

Get more TH and other South-East Asia offers at WAPEMPIRE!

email me daria@wemail.biz
skype we_daria

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Get the best MENA region offers at WapEmpire: the best performers, the highest rates, new GEOs and offer on your request.
Monetizing all mobile carriers with both smartlink and separate offers.

Ping me for more details:
Skype we_daria

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

We know they want it, so why don't you give them what they want? Meet mobile CPA 'Win iPhone X' sweeps at WapEmpire!
Other GEOs on demand, we are able to add them worldwide.

For more details:
skype we_daria

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Hi all!
WapEmpire looking for media buyers, networks and direct publishers to promote out Latin America offers: - all GEOs
- adult and mainstream
- direct advertisers
- flexible payment terms
- customized smartlinks.
Ping me on skype for more details we_daria
or email daria@wemail.biz

Daria WapEmpireBuyer

Hi all! Get top converting mobile pin-submit offers in Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Tier-2 and tier-3 countries, flexible payment terms, 4 years in business.
skype we_daria or email daria@wemail.biz