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Lead Generation org Ads
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We have a lot direct financial offers banks, PayDay Loans on Spain, Poland, CIS, Baltic States, Kazahstan, Georgia, Mexico and Romania.

I can give you really good rates and no problem with payment.

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We are looking for Email Marketing Campaigns for Forex and Crypto Databases.

Skype: karnav.shah

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Need Publishers For CPA Network http://cpalists.com/

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Need Publishers For CPA Network

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we need good publishers for our CPA network>> anyone interested then contact us at:
skype:user name :Hussain Hashmi

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looking for a decent centers with minimum 10 slot avail for right now,we will increase the volume lately. Price pr call is $12 with no negotiation,respective buyers kindly contact me on Skype (My Skype.id--abhinav6982). We are looking for 5 centers and we believe in first come first serve,so kindly be quick.

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hi all tech broker i have bsod calls in bulk,contact me for further queries.

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Hi there)
My name is Paul, I am from F5stat.com.
I am looking for traffic for our gambling offers with high payouts!
Feel free to contact me Skype: fenixsmile

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We have high converting traffic in Greece and some other Euro countries which is perfect for sweepstakes/cashback/iPhone 7/X style offers.

Generally pin submit/mobile/3G/WiFi but some flexibility.

We have this traffic running with a couple of networks and our own prelanders but are looking for direct advertisers on same with better payouts and terms, trying to find right advertisers for long term happy days. Pm me if of interest.

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We have databases for call centers in a wide range for many countries and regions.
Also, we can collect databases for individual requests.
Email 1: http://scr.im/3vg5
Email 2: http://scr.im/databiz
Skype: Profit.Asia

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Good day
Company looking for Partnership in all regions of our planet.
Need peoples who can setup business relations in own country between Company (supplier) and local wholesale company (buyers).
Relations for place orders at Japanese manufacture, one from 3 on the earth who produce new technology product for health protection!
Need country representative, main responsibility is setup relations
Profit: % from Contracts
Contact email:

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+ Over 7300 Highly potential investors in Forex/Gold, Stocks, Binary, Crypto, and others profitable Markets.
Investors vs Traders.
+ Cost price $538,338,77 - expenses for Collect DD.
+ Net Profit from Clients $5,030,600,00 (just in 1st year).
+ Local banks offer up to $106,551 for DD
+ Clients info have over 16 kinds of extremely Personal Details

~ 52% Clients DD have to pay $61-$7,322 for Consulting about theirs Capitals
~ 28%-35% have 2-3 saving Bank Accounts $115,810 - $37,320,000
~ 4%-7% at least living in House appraisal $820,000 - $1,210,000 (max $11,7M).
~ 3%-8% have Accounts in Stocks from $5,110,758 - up to $118,639,117.
~ 64% Clients are Members of Invest Clubs
~ 29%-42% of DD active Traders
~ 22%-47% are Agents or Partners with at least one financial organization/bank

Overview, Details, Reports CRM, Payments and others https://goo.gl/JqJkyz

Contact: David Mark
Profit.Asia (Skype)
+1 9513632533


Looking for Person who can Provide me Tech Support calls

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I have been providing lead generation for 5 years as well. Still now i can help you with my exclusive data and business leads.

1: Bank loan lead
2: forex leads
3:health leads and any uk leads

So pleas contact me :)
skype: viroahmed99@gmail.com
LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankit-ais-4a1aa7149/

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i am selling lead generation
#My services include
(Forex leads)
(Health Leads)
(Loan Leads)
(Business Leads) & (usa,uk b2b leads)
#Pleas contact me
skype: viroahmed99@gmail.com
LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankit-ais-4a1aa7149/

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I'm looking for CPL or CPM model B2B incentive email campaigns in all countries in Europe. Lead price starting from 20 euro per lead with 6 fields

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-Weekly payments
- high converting offers
- Good CPA & CPL Rates
- payments guaranteed and 100% on time
- offers in: Forex & Crypto
Geo's - UK & USA

Skype: karnav.shah
Thank you

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Looking traffic huge in all resources to run Tech support. Please send me your skype id in the comments and we will contact you. Payments transferred through paypal only.

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hi we currently have us and ca tech popup calls available with best quality and consistent flow. For prices and any other information ping me on skype.



We want CPL traffic for selling our adult product in india

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i need cleaned double option in emails data with first name last name email phone number and address.
People who have cleaned data may contact .
Intrested people may contact on


Real-time enquiries available for UK Life Insurance. Generated either via PPC marketing or targeted e-mail/display.
Currently handling in excess of 350 enquiries per day.
Message me for more details at mark.herbertson@conectia.co.uk

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hi,i am looking for tech calls for uk,us,canada and australia geo tag. kindly post me with best price quotation and keep your references ready for any dealing.

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Ok I have tried a few networks, ( some on here ) and the problem is either non conversion or lack of volume.

I am targeting tier 2-3 countries, eg ZA, GR and my offer types are sweepstake and mobile content etc.
Mobile only and local carriers.

If you have volume and performing sources then get in touch. I don't mind a little optimizing, using voluum as my tracker.

I can scale if your traffic works and they like filling in submits.

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if any one have CPC campaign :

please add martin@oneclicksolutions.ae

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Do you have quality traffic, email, display , social or PPC and you are looking for direct CPA and CPL offers? ping me on skype, we have exclusive and direct CPL and CPA offers with high payout

email & skype id : alex@zetromat.com

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i am looking for chrome extension redirect traffic if you have ping me skypee : jim.mark84

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Hi All,We have a very competitive online shopping store Zaful.com. I am looking for CPS traffic and PPC marketing manager. If you are interested, Feel free to contact me. You can share your Skype or just add me at cps@everbuying.net. Your referral would be highly appreciated!


Hi all!
Leading Forex broker Forex Club/Libertex is looking for CPA traffic to promote it products worldwide.
Please ping me on Skype if you have such: Alex FXClub

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Hello Guys , I am looking for Adult Traffic (Bots Free) OF USA/ CA Location. if any one have then let me know