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RTBDemand Ads
Manikya GowdaBuyer

Hi there,
We are looking for sources who can deliver traffic for our In-house APK Pokker and Rummy offer.
We will share Appsflyer Link to the sources.
If you have suitable traffic for the above offers then let's connect and make huge numbers.
Skype id: mrinal.dutta

Manikya GowdaSeller

Looking for Direct CPI based campaigns
We have worldwide traffic which is mainly in-app, we also do media buying via various self serve platforms.
skype me at

Manikya GowdaSeller

Looking for CPI Partners (Advertisers)
If you have Direct and semi direct, exclusive CPI campaigns
we have the right traffic for your campaigns with all transparency (app name, device id, impression tracker, post install tracker and more )
We had also recently launch RTB Self-serve platform with great options to deliver results
We can deliver great results for Tier1 geos
Comment your skype/mail id's to get started

#looking #for #cpi #offers
#transparency #traffic #mediabuying #selfserve