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Purify Digital Ltd Ads
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Hi Folks, I ma looking for Amazon campaigns: iOS /Android - US /CA. Only direct!!! quality is guaranteed! Volumes as well!! Skype id: ivanka.pd/ Email: ivanka@purifydigital.com

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Hey there, Purify Digital is on the llokout for campiagns with big budgets to spend - both incent and non-incent. We are strong at games, casino, dating, shopping , travel, utility apps. Let's bond now and end the year with positive ROI ;)



My name is Eva and I'm a publisher coordinator at Purify Digital.

We have direct offers CPI incent offer, as well as CPL/CPA campaigns.

Looking for good quality traffic and to establish good long-lasting partnership.

You can also check out our platform after signing up on the below link:

Skype: evgeniya.pd
Email: evgeniya.ivanova@purifydigital.com

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We have great traffic for the campaigns below:

Lords Mobile (CPI)(Android)(AU DK GU NZ NO SG SE CH UK NL CA) Non-incent - $3.9 - $4

Bonprix (CPL)(iOS/Android)(FR) Incent - $7.5 - $8

Cutie Riot (CPI)(Android)(US,CA) Non-incent - $2.50 - $2.70

iPoll(CPI)(iOS)(US)Incent - $0.65 - $0.70

Caliente Sports Betting (CPI)(iOS)(MX) Non-incent - $1.10 - $1.20

MARVEL (CPI)(Android)(US) Non-Incent - $2.10

Heaven God(CPI)(IOS)(KR/JP/HK/TW/MO)Incent - $0.85 - $0.90

Flirchi (CPA)(mobile web)(DE) non-inc - $1.80 - $2

Please, contact me if you have them available:

skype: victoriya.milcheva.pd
e-mail victoriya.milcheva@purifydigital.com

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Hello! We sell HQ desktop & mobile traffic on CPM basis. All possible verticals for all geos! Please ping me here, Skype: preslava.byalkova.pd, or email: preslava.byalkova@purifydigital.com

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I am looking for quality traffic for non-incent, well converting offers. Reach out at Skype: bilyana.stefanova.pd and Sign up here to check them out: http://purifyaffiliates.com/affiliate_signup.aspx

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For only 5$, your app will be exposed to over 300,000 potential users worldwide for 5 days.



My name is Shay and I'm Account Manager at Purify Digital.
I’m looking for CPI CPL offers. Skype: shay.berger.pd
we have traffic WW

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Loads of traffic for sale! CPM basis (standard banners, JS tags, iFrames). Contact me at preslava.byalkova@purifydigital.com or Skype preslava.byalkova.pd


Hi All,

i'm looking for ADV's and Pub's have offers and traffic for E-commerce.

Skype- shay.berger.pd

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Appbazzar - http://appbazzar.com/AppBazzar targets by operation systems - iOS, Android, Windows Phone and shows your mobile app only on the corresponding mobile device. You can also target by country. For only 5$, your app will be exposed to over 300,000 potential users worldwide for 5 days!
Don't miss the opportunity to have real users install your app! Try it out!

With an audience of thousands of users a day, the special design of AppBazzar will make your conversions rocket to the skies. Due to the transparency of AppBazzar’s workflow, optimization of traffic is now acquired effortlessly and targeting by device and geo is a 100% ensured.

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Looking for Mobile Content Traffic Skype: bilyana.stefanova.pd

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We're looking for quality video inventory. If you have such, please contact me here, skype: preslava.byalkova.pd or email - preslava.byalkova@purifydigital.com

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Looking for Sweepstake Traffic. Skype me: bilyana.stefanova.pd

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I'm looking for direct quality traffic sources for some premium offers.
If you have YOUR OWN strong traffic do not hesitate to reach me out over skype @ diana.koeva.pd


Hello All,

I'm still looking for CPI offers.

Skype me if you have.


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If you are looking for WW CPC Display Traffic , Skype me: bilyana.stefanova.pd

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Hey there,

We are looking for binary/forex traffic on CPA basis. Worldwide campaign, different landing pages and banners. CPA $350.

If you are interested, pelase contact me:

e-mail - victoriya.milcheva@purifydigital.com
skype - victoriya.milcheva.pd

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Do you have the Clash of King campaign for US, IOS? We have great traffic for it!

We can deliver > 70% user up to lv4
RR > 30%
ROI > 8%

Contacts me:

skype - victoriya.milcheva.pd
e-mail - Victoriya milcheva@purifydigital.com

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Searching for Email B2B traffic for the UK for an EXCLUSIVE CPL Offer! PM me on gabriela.grigorova@purifydigital.com or add me over Skype: gabriela.grigorova.pd

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Hey guys, I'm looking for direct traffic source for CPI/CPA/CPL mobile and desktop offers.
Feel free to reach me on skype @ diana.koeva.pd

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Looking for desktop traffic. Please feel free and contact me in Skype: preslava.byalkova.pd