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Leadiance Ads
Agnieszka GutBuyer

I am looking to buy AU@
Fields collect: Gender / First Name / Last name / email / DOB / zip code / IP / timestamp / URL of collect
Targeting: men / woman / Australian 18+
100% deduplication
Contact me if you have any sources
S: agnieszkaleadiance

Francesca FortiniSeller

I'm looking for new emailing campaigns for italian and spanish market, ESPECIALLY DATING CAMPAIGNS.
We have ddbb also in Poland, France, Australia.

Agnieszka GutBuyer

You have email database in Australia or Singapore, but you still havent developed your network in Asia Pacific? Do not waste time! We can generate money for you from NOW. $$$$$ Contact me: agnieszka@leadiance.net

Agnieszka GutSeller

Are you looking for no-limit email traffic for your CPM campaign in AU/FR/IT/ES/PL ? : )
We offer a send out any date, with good results guaranteed.
Just write me: agnieszka@leadiance.net
S: agnieszkaleadiance

Agnieszka GutSeller

Problems to monetize your email database AU?
I have the solution :)
@: agnieszka@leadiance.net
S: agnieszkaleadiance

Agnieszka GutSeller

Are you looking for inject of cash?
Have you ever cleaned for less than 125€ for 1 Million?
Clean your Email Database B2C
+ add premium service to your offer
agnieszka@leadiance.net ALL GEO

Agnieszka GutSeller

Cleansing with Leadiance = 0 RISC & (More €€€ + Better Deliverability) Interested? ALL GEOS B2C / ALL VERTICALS

Agnieszka GutSeller

Do you need quickly to improve results on your email database?

Use effective&quick&cheap solution.
All automatized/possible to be done in 24H.
1M cleaned = 250€ :)

Contact me: agnieszka@leadiance.net

Francesca FortiniBuyer

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for databases to monetize, especially dating ones: IT/ES/PL/AU/FR. Do you have traffic and don't you know how to generate money? We can help you: no send costs, revshare 50%.
Let's talk to me now!

Agnieszka GutSeller

Problems with deliverability? Low ROI? Clean your Database fast/cheap/efficient and start succeeding :)
Service for ALL GEOS
agnieszka@leadiance.net / S: agnieszkaleadiance

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Agnieszka GutSeller

Do you want to boost performance of your email database?€€€€ ;)
Data Cleaner for @ B2C CLEANSING

Special Prices:
5 Million cleaned => 1000€

If you want to clean 10M even cheaper so contact me @: agnieszka@leadiance.net / S: agnieszkaleadiance
Sign more & cheaper NOW and use your credits until the end of the year.

Agnieszka GutBuyer

Do you want to earn additional income for your business?
And you have email database optin-partners?
BOOST your numbers from the very beginning of the YEAR

Agnieszka GutBuyer

I’m looking for New Zealand email addresses providers Contact Skype: agnieszkaleadiance