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mindmagicmedia Ads
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Hello guys,

I am looking for direct offers from agencies for fore,binary,casino,sweepstacks, dating,,ecommerce,coreg/cosponcer, for world wide.We have high quality display and email trafficon CPM/CPC and CPL basis . for more detail contact me on skype: rick.joseph58

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we are having good CPI offers with high payout. and we are looking publisher for our CPI offers.

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we need direct CPI offers with high PO. which is not having KPI and RR. and only long live offer.

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we need direct CPI offers.

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we are an ads network.
looking for advertiser and publisher both.
for CPI offers.

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We are looking for fore/binary casino/gambling traffic for tier1 and gcc countries. have high payout so rush to us...skype: rick.joseph58

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we have Email traiffic for in house inventory and i'm looking for cpm/cpc offers for AU/FR/Uk and Nordic countries, if anyone intrested so please add me on skype:prachi.singh2794 or Email : prachi@mindmagicmedia.com for further discusion


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We have direct offers for binary /fore/health/sweepstack.

We need high quality traffic we have very good payouts

we need Tier1 and nordic as well as GCC traffic

Add me on skype: rick.joseph58

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We have quality email traffic for following geos , we are looking for cpc and Cpm campaigns .

Add me on skype: rick.joseph58

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High payout CPL offers and mobile CPI/CPA too. for more detail Visit our company MindMagicMEdia Page. and Add me on skype: rick.joseph58

mail me: info@mindmagicmedia.com

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