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Contact me if you're looking for good Data for your call centers and email marketing.

Full DATA , contact details! Good pricing!
100% replacement on duplicates.

skype: live:wass.media
email: adam@wassmedia.com

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Pm me for more info
If you have quality traffic
Postback tracking is mandatory
Amazing sales team and high CR%

PM me on skype : live:wass.media

Or email me - adam@wassmedia.com

CPA only . thanks

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Online Premium Traffic Available !
We can use broker's LPs or deliver by API.
Full contact details , verified phones - DOI.
We require prepay media budget for beginning.
In some cases can negotiate 50/50 terms.
1K$ minimum order.

Skype- live:wass.media
Email- adam@wassmedia.com

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We have more than 2 M daily volume need Ads to fill. If you have banner ads that need traffic, for mobile or desktop, let us know :)

We can help for your traffic volume.
Good quality with low rate cpm.

We can target to browsers, pass site id, domains, and etc. Support 3rd party JS tag.

The first campaign we working on prepaid terms.

skype- live:wass.media

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We can generate a lot of dedicated Forex, Binary
and other verticals traffic for your brand- both high quality and high converting.
We can run your landing pages or do it through an API.

Tests available 1K$+ media budget

If you are from India, DON'T contact us, thanks.

Skype- live:wass.media
mail: adam@wassmedia.com