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Adcash Ads
Marouan BouhachiSeller

Are you a Media Buyer or Direct Advertiser? You are lucky because you are reading a post from Adcash, the top leader DSP with the best traffic.

We offer worldwide traffic for desktop and web mobile on 5 ad-formats : pop / interstitial / display / native ads / push notification.

Our sales teams close deals directly with publishers, an inventory that you will find nowhere else since we do not resell our traffic to third party companies.

We accept all verticals.

Question/inqueries? Get in touch via Skype:

Keijo SuurkiviSeller

Hey everyone!

Struggling on various DSPs and Networks to reach to the right audience? How could I make sure I get the most interested/highest converting users to see my offer?

I have an answer for you! If you want to know how to buy Sports Betting traffic accurately from Adcash, then please, head up to our latest blog post:
If you have any questions or need any assistance with your new account, do not hesitate to contact me. I have WW traffic!

Skype: keijo.adcash

Keijo SuurkiviSeller

WW (bigger focus on the geos which are mentioned in my geotargeting info) traffic for all possible OS' (Win, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux).
Looking for Software/bundle installation offers.

We can work with both CPI and CPM, but I'll be prioritizing on clients who have possibilities to run on CPM or CPA Target (dynamic CPM bidding + CPA tracking for automatic optimizations). Better bidding helps you to get on HQ sources where the bidding on CPM can go very high, but the CR and the ROI you get from there is incomparable. There's money to be made and let's surf the wave while we can ;)

Payment terms: Prepayment preferably, but can be changed after a few months based on the results. IF post-payment, be ready to present strong credit referrals.

Feel free to contact me via mail, subject line "MyMediaAds"

PS! If you have offers from other verticals, feel free to get in touch with me anyways.