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Squadata Ads
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We monetize your data by sending retargeting emails in Belgium, France and Spain.

2 types of data monetized together or separately:
- partner optin email addresses
- cookie-email links

If you have any question or want to know more, please contact me magali@squadata.net or Skype: magalireme

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Many anonymous visitors leave your website without converting. We identify and retarget by email up to 20% of them in our databases in Spain, France and Belgium!

Models: CPC, CPL, CPA

Verticals: ecommerce, dating, education, credits, real estate, insurance...

NOT accepted: Adult/Forex/Binary/Casino

Email: magali@squadata.net / Skype: magalireme

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I am looking for email database publishers willing to add a user-friendly email retargeting monetization.

How does it work? If a user present in your email base previously visited an advertiser website, we send them a personnalized retargeting email.

Contact me by email if you have partner opt-in emails and want to know more.