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YTZ International
YTZ International Ads
Marissa ChateauBuyer

YTZ specializes in monetizing international remnant traffic. We have smartlink campaigns that work globally and can be used for both web and mobile traffic. The smartlink rotates offers based on performance and user criteria (geo/device/OS) and will show them our top offers. We also have individual CPA/CPL/CPI campaigns available in our system. Our smartlinks & offers come in a variety of verticals (including incent & adult).

Publishers also use us to monetize their back button, exit pop, thank you page traffic and much more! This is great if you are getting clicks that you can't monetize and are otherwise going to waste.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me (skype: marissa.ytz). You can also sign up for an account at ytz.com. Once you sign up, reach out to me for faster approval or mention me in the sign up!

Marissa ChateauBuyer

We are offering the highest rates available anywhere for one of our top campaigns - don't miss out and be sure to test these exclusive rates! We have five (Tier 1!) geos with new rates that are 200-700% higher than what we have offered in the past!

Repair your computer with Reimage PC Repair. Get paid up to $2 per successful install in over 230 countries. Auto translates to local language. Performs best on toolbar traffic. McAffee and Norton certified clean installer. Banners available

NEW CPI Payouts: DE $2.50, US $2.75, AU $2.25, UK $2.00 & FR $2.00

- Geos accepted: 230+ Geos
- Works great for Display, Pop & Redirect traffic
- Cap on DE, US, AU, UK, FR $50/geo/day
- Payout and Cap increases available quickly with quality traffic
- PC Desktop Traffic Only
- No Mobile, Mac or Incent traffic accepted

Reach out to me with any questions! Skype: marissa.ytz

Marissa ChateauBuyer

YTZ has some Flash player download offers for Mac traffic ONLY. Desktop traffic ONLY. Converts on CPI. Multiple geo's, payouts vary by geo. No windows, mobile, adult or incent traffic accepted. Works great for Domain, Pop & Redirect traffic. We also have great PC download offers. Contact me for more info!

Marissa ChateauBuyer

We have some amazing, new mobile content campaigns freshly set up and ready to scale! These mobile content CPA offers are for hard to find, third tier geos- which means you can monetize cheap traffic. For best ROI, target the specified carriers on mobile. Sign up at YTZ.com or reach out to me for more details!