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Tony CohnBuyer

If you monetize your website, game, or app through an offer wall, now is a great time to join Adscend Media. Not only can our Offer Wall help you generate eCPMs up to $90 and boost retention, we also provide direct user support!

Check out our newest Offer Wall additions:

-Exclusive video-based ad format
-For each short video your users watch, they’ll earn your rewards and you’ll generate revenue
-Users can watch as many videos as they would like daily

Rewarded Video for Offer Wall:
-Mobile users watch short app trailers in your Offer Wall to earn your rewards
-After a user views a trailer, you’ll generate revenue directly from us

Incentivized Market Research Survey Profiles:
-We'll reward your users to complete profiles in order to receive higher-payout, custom-tailored surveys

New Customization:
-Customize colors
-Add background image

Ready to Try Our Offer Wall?
Leave a comment below, or visit: http://adscendmedia.com to get started.