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Kaleido Media Ads
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Looking to buy 300x250 desktop banner inventory.

need 300k per day
daily payments

Please get in touch: info@uswebtraffic.com

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Looking for 300x250 US mobile inventory on rev share, get in touch: http://usadulttraffic.com/publisher-signup/

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need banner desktop inventory 300x250, JS tags accepted. Need sources: Adult / torrents / tube sites.

Skype: anshul.mahajan1184

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Mobile banner traffic , all standard mobile adunits @ $0.20 cpm flat buys.
Prepayments Only, Min deposit = $50 only.
Book your inventory now @ http://usadulttraffic.com/advertiser-signup/

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looking for advertiser who can pay on CPA / CPL basis for worldwide forex / binary deal.

Buzz me on skype: anshul.mahajan1184

Traffic source: email marketing

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Targeting options to get started with self serve platform.
1. Day parting
2. Freq capping
3. IP targeting (Geo and City)
4. Re-targeting
5. OS targeting
6. Start / Stop campaigns
7. Live stats cPanel
8. Keyword / Channel Targeting
9. Local ISP Targeting
10. Device targeting

Popunder CPM starts $2 and Banners $0.20 only and for bulk campaigns additional discounts available.

signup link: http://advertiser.mediatrafficreports.com
buzz me on skype : anshul.mahajan1184

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Here are specifications which are included

Dedicated server
128ips rotating
PMTA integration Setup
Interspire installation Setup
1 Domain name, for Login access
More details can be found on: http://powermtasolutions.com

Please email: sales@powermtasolutions.com for technical queries.

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500 calls per day available
$3 per call, raw deal
SMS Marketing Calls.
US Only available.

Skype: anshul.mahajan1184

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Looking to buy incentive likes for my Cooking website.


Likes: 1k-1M
need quotes for this.
Need Only Indian Likes.

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Mobile Popunder
iOS + Android Inventory
Bidding stats $1 cpm
Limited inventory

Find more info here:

To place your orders, please email me: sales@popundertraffic.com

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Genuine tech support calls available for Desktop Windows. 5k Calls per day.
Min Order: 500 calls
Per call price: $7
(fixed price, no bargain scope).

Serious buyers can get in touch @ skype: anshul.mahajan1184