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SaintGermain OnwukemeSeller

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Good day, I'm SaintGermain Onwukeme from Cybertron Ads. We're a full stack programmatic platform with an embedded Adnetwork of Direct Advertisers and Publishers as well as DSP's and SSP's on our platform. We're looking to integrate with quality partners to be a part of our system and improve their revenue possibilities.

If you're interested in such, kindly mail or send a message on Skype: Germainofficial

SaintGermain OnwukemeBuyer

Hello Everyone.

I'm SaintGermain Onwukeme from Cybertron Ads. We manage various accounts for Direct Advertisers as well as some agencies likewise.

Currently looking to integrate with Traffic sources on Desktop, Mobile Web as well as In-App. There's also some demand for push but not as much.

Here are our key requirements:

Integration via JS tags/ HTML banners (All clean and scanned)
We prefer a self served platform if possible as well

If such traffic is available, kindly mail or Skype: germainofficial

SaintGermain OnwukemeSeller

Hello all.

I'm SaintGermain Onwukeme from Cybertron Ads. Currently we're offering the unique opportunity for being our remnant traffic partner and buying way more expensive traffic at a lower rate.

These sites cut across Desktop, Mweb and In-app and are at almost a 50% discount.

If interested, kindly message me on Skype @germainofficial or send an email to

SaintGermain OnwukemeBuyer

Hello everyone.

There's an Open Budget for a music streaming campaign which is targeting iOS / Apple Music users under the following geo's

South Africa

I need the following:

Able to integrate via JS/HTML tags (Important)
Need to buy on CPC or CPS basis.

If available kindly message me on Skype @germainofficial

or also mail at

SaintGermain OnwukemeBuyer

Good day everyone.

I have direct advertisers who have a huge need for traffic from the African Geo's such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa etc.

To ensure this becomes easy to do business;

1. We integrate via JS tags
2. We'll need a dashboard and don't mind a managed service. However we're particular about being able to track traffic if it's available.

You can reach out to me via the following:

Skype: germainofficial