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Hola! Do you need Native Traffic? We've got it!

Extra BONUS : Personal approach :D

(s) : olga.adnow
(e) : o.perchuk@adv.adnow.com

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My name is Ali and I am from Adnow.com, we are an international advertising network.
Today I have great news for you and a partnership offer.
For the past few months our software engineers were passionately working on Adnow Self-service platform. And now it's ready to drive traffic for you! (CPC/CPM)
You can reach:
- 107 countries
- Desktop and mobile
- 900 mil users per month
- 6 billion views per month
- 150K partners worldwide
Target audience by:
- Device
- OS
- Carrier
- Re-targeting

⦁ Manage campaign in your account, get instant advice from our local language support team.
⦁ There are no limits on campaign budgets. You can start it with any sum - minimum ad bid is 0.01$.
I would like you to be our valuable partner!
I hope to get a response from you soon and we can proceed further.