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ClinkAD Ads
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Zoomy WiFi is looking for non-incent traffic, Geo CA|HK|IN|ID|KR|MY|RU|TW|TH|US.
Working on CPI model.

We could do API integration, and need CPI CPA traffic for thousands of offers.

If interested, pls ping me at Skype: fred_qin_china

Looking forward to work with you.

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ClinkAD works with many clients from all over the world, generating more than 30.000 offers everyday, more than 500 people sign up become clinkad affiliate in one day and the company platform delivers more than 5 million clicks every day.

There is benefit from our ClinkAD :
• ClinkAD will pay you for the action which can bring the traffic for us.
• ClinkAD has unique smart tools which can target global worldwide.
• ClinkAD will pay N7 after you reach 1000USD
• ClinkAD is flexible and simple. Flexible which means you can track all the action and leads everytime and anywhere. Simple because our ClinkAD makes all in one innovation which means you can find all the offers with one click.
• ClinkAD network campaign can be targeted globally but also can be filtered the campaigns by country, platform, market with vertical category.

Skype: fred_qin_china
Feel free to ping me!