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AdServME by S&W
AdServME by S&W Ads
Eli DesatnikSeller

AdservME.com is an Exchange and a self served dsp .

1. we support Xml, OpenRtb and direct tags on cpm basis.
2. We provide scaled volumes of quality traffic for desktop, mobile web, mobile in app.
3. 61% US, the Rest is INTL- English speaking, West Europe, Latam, Asia. around 20M daily imps for banners alone.
4. traffic relevant for both branding/video campaigns as well as performance
5. all targeting options reporting options and dynamic parameters are available: domains, subids, OS, Device type, Connection type and carriers, converstion tracking service, etc.

if you find this relevant please send contact

email: Info@adservme.com,
skype: acohen304
Advertiser signup: http://dsp.adservme.com/advertiser/register/