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Optimistic Media Ads
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WW HQ Carrier targeted traffic available on best Rates .For details feel free to Buzz me on Skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com

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Huge Inventory is available for Adult/Mainstream traffic with Optimistic Media.
Please PM me or email: contact@buypopunders.com
Buzz over skype: honeysingh4343

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WW Pops and Banners available.
If you are interested in cooperation, just ping me on Skype - honeysingh4343 or email me - contact@buypopunders.com

Best regards

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WW high Quality Pop-under and banner traffic available in Bulk at best price.

Countries available : US, UK, CA, DE, IT, FR, AU, IN, RO, RU, JP, MX, BR, ES, NO, FI, SE, TR, ID

Traffic type : Publishers targeted traffic / Adware toolbar / Expired domain.

Volumes : Around 10 Million+ unique views per day for US & CA

Freq. cap : As per requirement.

Categories : RON, Adult, Non- Adult, General, etc ( As per requirement )

Targeting : Channel / Keywords, Desktop / Mobile, Android / iOS, MAC / Windows, language.

Reporting : Daily reports via emails from a dedicated account manager.

Rates : Bid based system, starts at $1 CPM only & varies based on targeting options chosen.

For more details, contact @ contact@buypopunders.com or Skype at - honeysingh4343

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HQ Mobile pops/banners/ Redirect Traffic is available
with Optimistic Media

Countries : All ( Strongest with US, CA, AU, CN, & Europe )
Optimization : Available through Site Ids

Kindly contact us at contacts@buypopunders.com
or Skype: honeysingh4343

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We have massive volumes for IP and keyword targeted traffic. For further discussion please connect through:

Email: contact@buypopunders.com
Skype: honeysingh4343

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World wide Superior quality traffic available at best rates.
Buzz me on skype: honeysingh4343 or Email: contact@buypopunders.com

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HQ Traffic available for RU starting at amazing price.
skype: honeysingh4343
Email: contact@buypopunders.com