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Netlion Media Group Ads
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Hey guys,

Apps, Games, Travel, eCommerce exclusive budgets and owned products!!

We're looking for new quality media sources for our products and for exclusive ones,

Please ping me: naama.moses

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Sharksads / Sharks media -
Pure Scam, do not be fooled like we did !
Further details, in private!
But please - do not prepay / send them any payment.



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We got VPN products, ping on skype Nitzan.tgu if you want to promote them

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Looking for traffic for Chrome extensions! Large volumes needed!

We pay Net30 - for large volumes only we can negotiate *once reached*.

If you got the traffic - let's talk!

Skype: naama.moses

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We're in need for large volumes of installs in India and Indonesia, CPI, Net30 only.
Ping me for more details.

Naama (naama.moses on Skype)

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We're looking for traffic for OUR product.
Entertainment vertical.
Works best on Streaming sites, all types.
High Payouts!
Ping me for more details.

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We have a Mac offer (Ours) looking for large volume traffic for it - CPI - best CR% , high potential for big $$

PM me !