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Boulder Video Ads
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Hello All,

My name is Yeanur Rahman. I am workiing on boulder video as a AD ops Manager.
I am looking for HQ display and video traffic on CPM basis.

Please add me on skype = yeanur.rahman1

Email= yeanur.rahman@bouldervideo.media


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Hi ,

I am from Boulder video. We have RTB integration.

And I want to sell my traffic.For more information please add me on Skype= yeanur.rahman1

Email: yeanur.rahman@bouldervideo.media

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Hello Dear,
We are from Boluder video.
We want to buy traffic from you.We need Tire1 Geos.
We are using LKQD,Spring Serve,Spotx,Optimatic ,Cedato and Fyber.

If you are interested to sell your video traffic Please contact with me for more details.

Gmail : yeanur.rahman@bouldervideo.media

Skype: yeanur.rahman1

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I'm looking to discuss opportunities on how we can help you monetize your display, video & mobile inventory. Demand is jumping via the end of the year & we are looking for top publishers/networks. Do you have any available inventory for sale? Ping me to get a test rolling. Thank you

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We have US only display inventory we must sell NOW!
.80 - $1.00. Desktop MW and Inapp.
Ping me to get this moving while inventory is still available. Thank you