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MojooMedia Ads
Tal LevyBuyer

Hello All!

With over 80 demand partners in our exchange
We're looking for new supply partners to on-board on our open RTB exchange. Endpoints only!

Looking for Worldwide traffic desktop & mobile
for banners and native demand
- Variety of demand categories such as Travel, Gaming, Dating, Apps etc...

Drop a word on email at
and lets see how we can make $$$ together!!
(Currently only 5 supply partner slots available)

Tal LevyBuyer

Hello all,

We're looking for video supply and can offer great fill rates (1.5% and above!) if you got the traffic we're looking for!!!

high fill-rates with decent CPMs, add me up on skype lets see what we can do!

Skype: mojoomedia


Tal LevyBuyer


Looking for mobile web traffic - display banners of high quality ads from premium marketplaces and DSPs.

Need domain transparency and passbacks.

Ping me on skype: mojoomedia

Tal LevySeller


Selling huge volumes of display banner traffic on CPM Basis. We have high quality traffic from direct sites and products scanned and verified with traffic tools.

Looking for brand-safe campaigns with great fill rate. working with pass-backs and minimum CPM.
*Works well with DSPs and Marketplaces.

Geos: Worldwide but mainly tier 1 geos (US, CA, UK, AU) .

Lets connect together for better business!