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Ciprian BitterBuyer

Hi guys,

I've got a lot of direct offers, most of which are also exclusive and with very good payouts. I'm looking to promote a particular set, because it seems to be going very good and I want to push on it.

I HAVE OFFERS FOR ALL GEOS, especially tier 1 and 2.

I am only looking to work performance based/revshare. If you want to sell CPC/CPM/Flat Rate/Fixed price or databases, please do not get in touch.

Skype: live:cgc_186

Ciprian BitterBuyer

Hi guys,

I have high converting direct offers for traffic fron the GEOs listed in this ad. We only work performance based, mostly CPA, and can offer 1/2 click flows, SMS/MO, SOI/DOI, etc.

Please do not get in touch if you want to sell traffic by flat rate/by CPM or others. We guarantee big money if your traffic is good :)

Ciprian BitterBuyer

Hi guys,

I've got tons of great offers (payouts of 18-20 USD for 1click flows) in CPA/CPI/CPL/CPS in ALL GEOS and ALL VERTICALS.

Registration is free, just bring in your traffic and we'll monetize it together!

Skype me up: cgc@mobifreak.com

Ciprian BitterBuyer

Hi guys,

Let me tell you about the HybridLink, our new tool which all the Affiliates LOVE IT!
We all know takes so much time to launch a new campaign, look for new offers, talk with different AMs from different companies. On top of that you need to setup the tracker, and start testing on different variables... Well, here comes the HybridLink. We tried to get all these features in 1 place, to make your life easier. Inside you will find:
- FREE TRACKER- no need for other third party ones
- ABC testing options, with porcentages, wight, clicks capping
- offer selection
- parameter filtering (based on GEO, OS, device and so on)
This way, you play the game by your own rules, giving your users the ads they want, increasing monetization by at least 25%, as compared to traditional tools.

Oh, almost forgot: the HybridLink is 100% free to use. You just need to register and start pushing the buttons.

Want to know more? Ping me by e-mail or Skype.

Roxana M.Buyer

Hey everyone!

I am looking for MOBILE and DESKTOP worldwide TRAFFIC

I have:
Over 9000+ DIRECT CPI/CPA/CPL/CPC campaigns (mainstream & adult);
- Smart Rotator Links (mainstream & adult) 
- SmartAPI ( solution for advertising only to your visitors that are more likely to generate revenue) 
- Flexible payment terms (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

You can reach me via Skype: rm_1628 or ICQ: UIN 707189147 or e-mail: rm@bitterstrawberry.com

websites to register:
mainstream traffic: www.mobifreak.com
adult traffic: www.bitterstrawberry.com

When you register, make sure to mention my name or this website for a special bonus!

Sara BitterstrawberryBuyer

High converting offers on RU need traffic immediately :)

CPA only, no prepayments

Ping me on skype for more info at live:aks_469

Sara BitterstrawberryBuyer

The perfect tool for media buyers, webmasters and affiliates!

Set your own rules
Make your own mix of offers, from the 12.000 available
Get your sweet revenue weekly!
No other tools needed, do everything by yourself in a blink of an eye!

Ping me on skype for more info: live:aks_469

Sara BitterstrawberryBuyer

I have new offers on TR with great CR for your native traffic (both mainstream and adult)

CPA basis
postpayment only

you can add me on skype at live:aks_469

Let's roll the dice!

Sara BitterstrawberryBuyer

I have some great offers on Kuwait - 1 click flow

ping me on skype for more details: live_aks469

Let's rock it!!!

Sara BitterstrawberryBuyer

Looking for mobile traffic (both mainstream and adult), worldwide, all verticals!

I can offer you exclusive single offers to promote worldwide with really high payouts & solution for your remnant/fallback traffic

- only post-payment

If you use Skype, you can add me directly, my ID is live:aks_469 so we save time.

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