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Looking for mobile traffic (both mainstream and adult), worldwide, all verticals!

I can offer you exclusive single offers to promote worldwide with really high payouts & solution for your remnant/fallback traffic

- only post-payment

If you use Skype, you can add me directly, my ID is live:aks_469 so we save time.

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Hey everyone!

I am looking for MOBILE and DESKTOP worldwide TRAFFIC

I have:
Over 9000+ DIRECT CPI/CPA/CPL/CPC campaigns (mainstream & adult);
- Smart Rotator Links (mainstream & adult) 
- SmartAPI ( solution for advertising only to your visitors that are more likely to generate revenue) 
- Flexible payment terms (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

You can reach me via Skype: rm_1628 or ICQ: UIN 707189147 or e-mail: rm@bitterstrawberry.com

websites to register:
mainstream traffic: www.mobifreak.com
adult traffic: www.bitterstrawberry.com

When you register, make sure to mention my name or this website for a special bonus!