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Hey everyone!

I am looking for MOBILE and DESKTOP worldwide TRAFFIC

I have:
Over 9000+ DIRECT CPI/CPA/CPL/CPC campaigns (mainstream & adult);
- Smart Rotator Links (mainstream & adult) 
- SmartAPI ( solution for advertising only to your visitors that are more likely to generate revenue) 
- Flexible payment terms (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

You can reach me via Skype: rm_1628 or ICQ: UIN 707189147 or e-mail: rm@bitterstrawberry.com

websites to register:
mainstream traffic: www.mobifreak.com
adult traffic: www.bitterstrawberry.com

When you register, make sure to mention my name or this website for a special bonus!

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High converting offers on RU need traffic immediately :)

CPA only, no prepayments

Ping me on skype for more info at live:aks_469

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The perfect tool for media buyers, webmasters and affiliates!

Set your own rules
Make your own mix of offers, from the 12.000 available
Get your sweet revenue weekly!
No other tools needed, do everything by yourself in a blink of an eye!

Ping me on skype for more info: live:aks_469

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I have new offers on TR with great CR for your native traffic (both mainstream and adult)

CPA basis
postpayment only

you can add me on skype at live:aks_469

Let's roll the dice!

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I have some great offers on Kuwait - 1 click flow

ping me on skype for more details: live_aks469

Let's rock it!!!

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Looking for mobile traffic (both mainstream and adult), worldwide, all verticals!

I can offer you exclusive single offers to promote worldwide with really high payouts & solution for your remnant/fallback traffic

- only post-payment

If you use Skype, you can add me directly, my ID is live:aks_469 so we save time.