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PopAdUp Ads
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$0.0005 CPV, For POP $0.1 CPM For Banners and Native- World Wide

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Contact me (Jacob):

Skype: Adop Popadup
Email: adop@popadup.com

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Contact us on:
email: adop@popadup.com
skype: adop popadup

in order to start working together and make some cash $$$

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We Are MYD Marketing Company.

We build extremely high converting sales funnels for businesses.

Our customer usually improve their conversion rate by up to 10%!

Please contact me on adop@popadup.com for more details.

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Hello, we are Media412 Company.

We have super laser targeted premium email list, and we sell by CPL & CPM.

Please contact us on adop@popadup.com

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Free 500 Visits when Signup

$0.0005 CPV, For POP $0.1 CPM For Banners and Native

Start as low as:
$0.0005 CPV For POP
$0.1 CPM For Banners and Native

• Free Trial Budget when register for with real money for testing.
• 100% of our advertisers are Media Buyers and Affiliate Marketers.
• World Wide Inventory - over 1 Billion Impression per day.
• IAS & Forensiq Fraud Detection
• Traffic Transparent
• Conversions Tools for CPA,CPI,CPC
• Using many macros for tracking
• Simple Dashboard

for more details:

Ad Formats
• Popunder
• Popup
• Native Ads
• Display
• Mobile
• Double Click
• User Engagement
• Arbitrage Traffic

Accepted Verticals:
• Lead Generation
• Downloads & mobile installs
• Mobile Content
• Forex & Binary
• Games
• Casino & Gambling
• Travel
• Shopping

Don't Accept
No Tech Support
No Adults

Email: support at popadup.com

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If you have a high eCPM campaign for popunder and popup and you are able to pay on request, we want to check your campaigns, we work only with a redirect url

contact us at our website http://popadup.com