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NetLeadsGroup Inc Ads
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Hello we would like to introduce our new social media lead engine. We have 100's of whitelabel business pages for you to advertise your brand on. We have an expert social media team optimizing for high ROI.

We offer unlimited leads on CPM.

Real time delivery of hot leads into your CRM!



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Hello, we're looking for direct advertisers & publishers to join our new platform and help us do testing and become partners

We support S2Spostback and image cookie pixels.

if this suits you please visit us https://netleadsaffiliates.com

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Hello, we have a new platform


We'd like to invite you to buy and sell CPA deals.


Hi Guys,

We are currently building our own Affiliate platform that will be ready in around 3 weeks time.

This will be a self-services platform for you to add your offers on to.

Withs lots of heavy global traffic - we are looking for Awesome Super Affiliates to come and join us.

Add me on skype for more details - sales@netleadsgroup.com

Speak soon and let's make some serious ££$$ together!


www.netleadsgroup.com are a premium UK based CPL lead engine with an expansive network of lead providing partners with a great list of active clients.

2017 we are looking to secure new partnerships and relationships with businesses that can provide the following services:

Email Marketing
Co registration
Social Media

Our business model is quite simple. We offer a revenue share of the CPL our clients pay us. This model rewards performance and both our advertisers and publishers are looked after well on this proven and tested method.

We accept leads from all geos.

Please write me on skype: netleadsgroup

Or send a private message to talk on email

We look forward to working with you - and to a successful 2017 together