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Mail2Media Limited
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Amun BhardwajBuyer

M2M are a New Media UK business.

More than 300 top brands rely on us to deliver acquisition and montetisation on campaigns from Gaming to Finance, Trading to Lead Generation, Utilities to Competitions and many, many more.

Our network consists of nearly 200 offers including campaigns from Finance to Gaming, Trading to Lead Gen, Competition to Health & Beauty and more from wide set of GEOs from USA to NZ. Our strengths lie within e-mail marketing as we believe it to be the most cost-effective way to find new customers.

At the moment we're looking for publishers and data providers who specialise in Prime and Sub-Prime data. You may already have your own e-mail channel that's plodding along nicely or, you may be considering outsourcing to an agency. Either way, we're interested in both, the businesses who don't have time to facilitate the e-mail channel and those who wish to bring it to the next level.

Interested? Please get in touch!