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Iren BergerSeller

We happy to see you in our topic!
90% of visitors read it because they want to improve results their companies and desks makes, we hope you too!
And doesn`t matter if you have a big team or work alone - we will support you with high quality forex database traffic!

We have leads from: Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Netherland, UK, Slovakia, Bulgary, Hungary, Germany and Spain

We have 3 types of clients:
+ that lost their money in scam forex brokers - 3 usd per lead
+ that lost their money in crypto scam - 3 usd per lead
+ that have positive expirience in trading and now work with regulated companies - 2 usd

Clients that lost their money are good for recovery and chargeback type of work.

Write me an email and we will discuss all the questions:
Or contact me via Telegram App: bergeririna