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I'm looking for some good quality traffic. It has to be non-incent. We have different offer for multiple GEO's.

For more info please contact me through Skype: live:suling_23

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Hi all,

I'm looking of new traffic sources for our campaigns. We run different verticals, all on CPL base. We don't do prepayment. Add me on Skype so we can talk more, live:suling_23

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Hi all,

I'm looking for traffic on our Auto offer in IT, AT, SE, NL, ES, BE, DE & FR. Who is looking for this kind of offers and can help me out?

Also we have other offer where we need traffic for! Most of the offers are in NL & BE!

If you want to know more, please add me on Skype : live:suling_23

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Hi All,

I'm looking for DE & FR traffic for a CPL offer! Would be great to get connected!

Add me on Skype for more info: live:suling_23

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Hi all,

We are looking for traffic for two of our offers. One Home improvement offer and a finance offer with a nice incentive.

On CPL base.
Non-incent traffic

If you are interested add me on Skype: live

Looking forward talking to you!

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Hi all,

We are looking for some new traffic to promote our home improvement offer! This is for our NL geo and we work on a CPL base.

You can contact me through Skype: live:suling_23

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Hi All,

For one of our offers we are looking for trafffic in NL, FR, DE & BE. See the below terms & conditions

Traffic: e-mail, mobile, web, social, i-frame, exit banner
Non incent traffic: allowed<
Incent traffic and VC: not allowed
Target: 20+ male & female (male might convert better)

Feel free to contact me through Skype, live:suling_23

I also have more offers that need promotion

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Hi all,

I'm Denise from the creative performance marketing bureau Wuzzon in the Netherlands. I'm looking for CPI & CPL traffic with the following target group:
- Adults (woman and men)
- Auto (cars offers)
- Energy (we have some energy offers to promote)
- Apps

If you have great traffic in the GEO's: NL - BE- DE & FR but also in IT, AT, SE & ES (for one offer: selling your car)? Let me know!

You can add me on skype (live:denise_5465) and let's hope we can do some good results!

PS. Don't add me if you have not the traffic for those GEO's.

Thanks in Advance,

Denise - Wuzzon

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Wuzzon is growing fast and that's why we're looking for new colleagues. For our office in central Amsterdam we're looking for a (junior) publisher manager.

As publishser manager you are responsible for the distribution, deployment, analysis and optimization of our campaigns through online channels, including email, display, social media and mobile. You take the responsibility of maintaining and intensifying the relations within the network of publishers. You're not afraid to pick up the phone and negotiates media buying to ensure maximed revenues for both our own and third party campaigns.

Full profile available here: http://html.wuzzon.nl/20160518_vacature_publishermanager.pdf

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Hi All,

For multiple offers I'm looking for CPL NL traffic. We have offers from different major brands with high budgets.

Add me on Skype live:suling_23 so I can give you more details. Looking forward working with you!

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We are looking for NL traffic for our different sweepstakes. Who has a big NL database? Also interested in other campaigns? Contact me through Skype: live:suling_23

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Please feel free to contact me if you have (exclusive/non brokered/high payout) offers in Personal / Payday or Mini Loans. I have high quality traffic available (SEO) in many geo's, including AU, US, Europe.

skype:louisev78 or send me a PM with offer details/terms.

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HI all,

I am looking for high quality traffic for our direct CPI offers. Currently I have multiple apps available from major brands with high budgets, 5* ratings in the app store.

Non incent only.
Focus on IOS
GEO's Netherlands/Germany
Feel free to send me a PM or add me on skype:louisev78

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We have some great direct campaigns live in NL and BENL with high payouts >15eur and more.

Example LP:

ecpc of > 2 eur.

Pleas go to http://wuzzon.hasoffers.com and start promoting today!