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Ty NguyenBuyer

Hello all potential partners,

We, AdFlex, have good converting direct CPA offers here. We understand and respect all sweat and tear you are working out in this market so we will do Net 7 payment term. Come talk to us to get your offers as fast as possible and make hug money now

Skype: vinamilkbull/ Email:

Adult Telcel Only - 1 click - MX
New Adult - 1 Click - DTAC, AIS, Truemove
Sessy - 1 Click - AIS Only
Adult TH - Divas 1 Click - DTAC, AIS
Sexy Lady - 1 Click - DTAC, AIS, TrueMove
TH - WAP (MainStream - Videos)

Ty NguyenBuyer

Pixel fires on approved lead (approved by call center)

1. Tinh Bột Nghệ:
2 Green Coffee:
3. Tital Gel:
4. Upsize:
5. Quả nụ giảm cân Garnicia:
6. Giảm cân Goji berries
7. Kem bôi chân Varikosette 3:
8. Flekosteel
9. Mặt nạ Carrot:
10. Promaxxx:

Skype: vinamilkbull