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FLT Consortium LLC
FLT Consortium LLC Ads

We currently offer human-verified, IAB certified, high-performing CPC Traffic for sites that are looking to increase their ROAS and ROI!

Websites that do content arbitrage and earn money through display and video ads on their website will benefit greatly from this traffic.

We have Mobile and Desktop traffic in the USA and Canada .

We can provide up to 500,000 visits per day for larger clients!

Our pre-bid process uses Moat and Pixalate, so there is no IVT.

We work on prepaid. For buyers with good credit, we do have some credit options.

Our focus has been on content arbitrage publishers, so we cannot accept requests from search feed or XML publishers.

Please reach out via Skype or send a PM on here for more information.

Skype: live:c7a0c524bf77591c


We provide how quality traffic that is safe for arbitrage publishers who are looking to get a ROI off of their display and video ads...We are only seeking arb style customers. Traffic is been tested by both Moat and IAS and zero percent fraud...

Serious Inquires reach me here to get your campaign started



We provide premium cpc traffic to websites seeking to earn revenue off of their display and video ads. We also provide traffic to ad networks seeking to increase the inventory. Our traffic has been tested by both IAS and MOAT and has zero fraud. Serious replies only!

This is traffic is great for earning off display and video and rich media ads, great from comscore and similar web and TOS.

Messages on Skype only



We are selling premium cpc style traffic for website owners who are looking to make a higher ROI on their display and video ads. Serious replies Only. Desktop and Mobile. IAS AND MOAT Safe.



We are selling Premium Traffic for Web Publishers seeking to make money of their display and video ads on their website. Serious Buyers Only. US quality traffic that passes MOAT and IAS traffic filters. Both Desktop and Mobile high quality traffic.

message on skype: live:c7a0c524bf77591c


We have premium arbitrage quality US traffic available for Nov and December. This traffic is cpc based and works with display and video ads only...we are taking new clients this week so contact quickly...serious replies only



We are Ad Network providing High Quality IAS, MOAT, Double Verify and Forensiq safe quality traffic for Website owners Large and Medium size looking for safe traffic to use on their arbitrage business model.

This traffic is click based and is deliver to your target articles pages as direct traffic when looking at Similar Web, Alexa and Google Analytics.

This is real traffic no bots, no pop unders or ups and no click farms!

We are currently selling US traffic only. This traffic is only suitable for Display Arb publishers...We can not guaranteed conversions for people selling offers.

If you are interested please message me on skype live:c7a0c524bf77591c or through email