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Info & Data Media Ads
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Hey Guys,
I need to buy traffic for my exclusive campaigns in DE, DK, SE and NO.
We buy email drops, banners traffic, pops and social traffic.
We offer very high pay-outs and important budgets.
Feel free to send me an email with a full proposal to: lucas.davis@infodata-media.com.
Best Regards,

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Seeking traffic for exclusive campaigns on CPL basis, Skype me at live:sacha.bianchi_2

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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for traffic in DK, SE and NO.

I have exclusive offers, good pay-outs and big budgets.

Skype: idm_lucas

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Hey Guys,
I'm looking to buy traffic from you for my campaigns in Scandinavia.
I'm currently looking to launch Co-registration in those GEOs.
If you have what I need, ping me at: idm_lucas


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Hey Guys,

I have big budgets for direct campaigns in BR and IN.

These are highly converting campaigns and I need 2 more traffic suppliers to run them.

Best Regards,

P.S: email ID: lucas.davis@infodata-media.com
Skype ID: idm_lucas

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Hey guys, i'm a direct advertiser and i seek for Norway qualified traffic with a long term partner. My budget is unlimited.

Contact me on skype : idm_nicolas

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if interested, contact me on skype or email, at your convenience:

- Skype ID: idm_jacob
- Email: Jacob.badel@infodata-media.com

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Have you got HQ traffic in Ireland? we offer high payouts and budgets . We are direct advertisers of exclusive campaigns worldwide .

Skype me at: idm_julia to discuss further details.

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We are a direct advertiser seeking CPL desktop traffic. Open budgets !
Please contact me via email (paul@infodata-media.com) or Skype (idm_paul)
Let's make money !!

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Hey guys, i'm looking for traffic on Nordic GEOs.

Contact me on PM or Skype : idm_nicolas

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I'm seeking for traffic on Sweden, Denmark, Finland,Norway, Portugal,India, Brazil.
CPL model mainly.

Display & Emailing.

Skype ID : idm_nicolas
e-mail : nicolas.james@infodata-media.com

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we have our own exclusive campaigns that need fresh traffic in more than 20+ Geo's; on either email or display- CPL basis .

if interested Skype me at: idm_julia for further details :)

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Got strong email and display traffic in UK and Ireland ?
Skype me : idm_Julia for more details :)

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Interesting payouts.

Target audience: 35yo+

skype: idm_michaels
email: michael@infodata-media.com