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Pocket Media Ads
Nem Pocket MediaBuyer

Hello there,

I am looking for direct publishers / networks who can promote our top CPA offers!

We have a loyal direct advertiser base giving us exclusive offers with premium payouts in the verticals: Leadgen (Email Submit), Creditcard subscription (CC Submit), Mobile content (PIN Submit) and more.

Next to that we have a worldwide coverage, we also have always new trending offers for promotion!

Get in touch with me and lets get things going as soon as possible!

Skype: nem.pocketmedia

Bobby VerlaatBuyer

Hi there!

I am looking for direct publishers who can promote some of our top converting CC-submits offers!

Only CPA model
No prepayments
High conversion ratio -> 5%+
High ROI

Reach out to me via Skype bobby.verlaat1 or email and let us help you to make your journey to success!

Bobby VerlaatBuyer

Hi there!

Always wanted to find out what I from Pocket Media can do to increase your revenues in the long-run?

We are looking for quality traffic sources that are willing to promote our campaigns on CPA or CPL basis. We have a worldwide coverage and can bring you next to the desired revenues also fresh knowledge about certain campaigns and trends.

Get in touch with me and lets get things going as soon as we can! Why wait longer if you can start making money right away?

Skype: bobby.verlaat1