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Paul AntonitisSeller

We have some 43,000 mortgage turn down records, which are just over 60 days old available.

This data includes the following:
lead_id , applicant_name, address , city, state, zip home_phone , work_phone, email address URL, SSN, DOB, whether the applicant was a home owner or renter, monthly income, and occupation.

This data was collected from the lender (s) who turned these potential home owners down for a first mortgage or refi.

for details and pricing, contact InSite Media at: 844-386-0181 or email :

Paul AntonitisSeller

InSite Media has 26,000 opt-in, 1st position, aged (90 to 100 days), EDU records available with the following fields of information:

First Name, Last-named, Address, City, State, Zip, Home Phone Email address, URL, Date/ time stamp and IP address
This legacy data is only 90 to 100 days old m and has been sold once before via a real-time feed. According to the client this data performed at 4.231 %, which is very good retun for 2 position data. The flat rate cost of this data is $520.00 for the entire database.

As is our company policy we will only sell data for certain verticals one time, to keep our data standards and its performance records at a high level.

Please contact InSite Media for details at: or call; (844) 386-0181 ext. 310

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