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Offerstester is a great tool for networks, publishers and media buyers. By helping you know exactly which tracking links are working well, we believe Offerstester will make your business easier, therefore it help increase your revenue.
You can register free here:
And check your offers daily.

Lee Hee WoonBuyer

At Mediatop1, our goal is to make your advertising campaign a success and share our experience with you. We treat publishers as our partners and we do everything to make you feel part of our team.

Our software provides all the necessary marketing tools, our managers will help you to set up and manage any offer. We will always improve our service better. Find more useful terms in our link dictionary.
We have a lot of exclusive offers ( CPI, CPA, CPS, Smartlink, Mobile, Desktop...)

What we offer:
- WEEKLY/ MONTHLY payouts on Paypal or Wire.
- Launching an offer on an on-demand basis. If you want to launch some offer, tell us and we will find it for you.