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kevin chhimSeller

Hey guys,

we just launched our own exclusive US casino offer. It converts on valid CC submit $0.00 to the user for age verification. No deposit required for the conversion. Street payout is $45, but we can bump based on volume and lead quality.

Offer has been crushing on facebook and Pops. Takes Mobile web and a ton of other countries, in fact AU has been getting EPC's in the $7-10 range. This offer is extremely private, so if you are running casino already, this is a no brainer.

PM me if you are interested in getting on board with our offer.

Skype: Kevinchhim93


Kevin Chhim
High Rollerz Network Team

kevin chhimSeller

We have HQ Mobile Adult traffic, it fits well with adult offers, apps, utilities, binary, casino, dating, sweepstakes.

Come Test With Us!

You can sign up here

Feel free to contact me anytime!
Skype: Kevinchhim93

kevin chhimBuyer

1. Looking for all niche traffic, NO BOTS.
2. General, gambling, sports, gaming, casino, bingo, dating, Adult etc, website
3. Allow pops on site
4. You can send me your list of websites faster for faster deal.

Monetize your site traffic with us!

Please email
Skype: Kevinchhim93