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Media Shakers Ads
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we offer large amounts of premium, high-quality and secure traffic in TIER1, 2 and 3 Geos. RevShare and CPM, both possible.
Video and Display.

If you have premium campaigns, feel free to contact me via message and Skype

Skype: danTLV_

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We are looking for buyers for our large amount of video supply, great quality in all formats. Global GEOS.

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we offer high amounts, segmented, mobile-user data/ mobile device IDs for mobile-display and mobile-video programmatic-advertising. Taxonomy up on request. Available via several DMPs (ping me for more details ).

Feel free to contact me via message and Skype.
E-Mail: danielb@mediashakers.com
Skype: danTLV_

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If you have direct offers and are looking for Incent traffic in US or Europe, look no further! Ping me kahlia-tabakhoff or shoot me an email kahlia@mediashakers.com to find out more

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We have premium brandsafe traffic in English speaking geos + Western Europe. If you have premium campaigns, please reach out to me.

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I have direct RU traffic looking for direct advertisers to run on our sites. High Alexa ranking, competitive rates. Ping me kahlia-tabakhoff or email me kahlia@mediashakers.com

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Hello guys,

I'm looking for any platform or advertisers who accept to buy traffic from Rotatoring inventory InApp.

Any ideas ?


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Hello everyone,

More than 1500 advertisers are waiting to buy your inApp traffic on RevShare.

Contact me by skype for more info (yonni_mediashakers)