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Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

Hi All,

We have CPA apps that are converting well on Facebook -> user cost is 10%-50% ONLY from the rate that we pay for Affiliates !!

We are looking for experienced Facebook agencies/people to run our CPA Apps.

The main characteristics we are looking for are the following :
-> Big experience with ad account ban (Redundancy solution)
-> Have lot of ad accounts (farmed/trusted), the necessary is to spend CRAZY AMOUNTS !!
-> Experienced with CPA apps creatives (videos/images)

NB : looking for Direct FB Media Buyers, not Affiliates !!

Ping me on Skype : mahdi.ght

Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

Please contact me if you have APK traffic for any of the bellow mentioned geos :

email :
skype : mahdi.ght

Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

Hi All,

2017 was AMAZING for our APPS on SOCIAL MEDIA websites and mainly FACEBOOK
In 2018, we want to try more social like TWITTER, GOOGLE and MORE.
Now we only FOCUS on SOCIAL MEDIA!

If you are a Social Media Buyer Agency (fb, twitter accounts,etc), ping me on Skype : mahdi.ght

Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

CPA/CPI Traffic needed for AU, DE, GR, HU, PL and SA
Ping me on Skype : mahdi.ght

Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

Hello All,

As Incentive sources are our best on Affiliates, we are now looking to expand our partnership with all incent/offerwall providers from all the world.
Our Apps are based on CPA flow, which is install + subscription (pin submit), and our strongest region is Middle East.
We have our own S2S tracking system, but we can also work through a 3rd party tracking partner which is Adjust.
Ping me on Skype if you are a specialist in Incentive traffic ;) -> mahdi.ght

Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

Need a serious partnership, we're looking for someone who have strong CPA traffic in Hungary, only STRONG&CPA! :)
Our offer is :
-a pin submit service as a mobile app

nb :
-no prepayment, only post payment
-we don't work as a third party or a network, we are only developers and direct advertisers

ping me on Skype : mahdi.ght
(Please mention the subject when adding/talking to me)

Mahdi GHAITHBuyer

Hello Guys,

After testing Facebook for our great Apps, we got an amazing success that we had never seen before. So we finally decided to focus on this traffic.

If someone is specialized in Facebook traffic , please ping me :
on Skype -> mahdi.ght
by email ->

NB : We only work on postpayment basis