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Hadrien MoreauSeller

Hi there,

I am urgently looking for quality campaigns and offers for our UK Market.

Prepayment Only with companies outside of EU

Ping me on skype : live:france.affiliate07

Hadrien MoreauSeller

Vertigo Media is looking for offers on UK & ES Geos for all verticals !

Why us ?

- We have 11+ years of expertise in Email Marketing
- We have mastered and work closely with the best routers in Europe
- We have a deliverability team to take care of our data and our sendouts 24/7
- We have a dedicated team for each GEO

Hit me up on
- skype: live:france.affiliate0
- email:
- phone: +33783292909

Let's generate growth together !


Hadrien MoreauSeller


Vertigo Media Performance is looking for offers on the following GEOS:

Italy - France - Netherlands - Belgium

And for the following verticals:

- Beauty
- Dating & Adult
- E-commerce
- Fashion
- Health
- Holiday Travel
- Home Improvement
- Insurance

With a dedicated deliverability and affiliation team as well as 11+ years of experience in the Emailing sector, you are guaranteed to generate growth, leads and web visibility.

Ping me on skype: live:france.affiliate07
Email :

Have a wonderful summer !

Hadrien MoreauSeller

Vertigo Media is looking for offers on all verticals. We own very high quality traffic on T1 Geos such as FR/ ES/BE/BEFR/BENL/IT

Why work with us ?
- 11+ years of experience
- Dedicated team on each GEO
- 99% deliverability
- Expertise on the best routers
- High Ecpm + High ROI

Hit me up on Skype and let's talk about what we can schedule together

NB: Prepayment only for companies outside EU

Skype: live:france.affiliate07

Hadrien MoreauBuyer

Vertigo Media Performance is offering you the opportunity to generate additionnal revenue out of your emailing databases.

The goal is simple:

- > Let us rent your email databases
- > We'll schedule offers on a daily basis
- > You get half of what we generate

This will allow you:

-> To allocate time to other tasks
-> To generate additional revenue

We guarantee you with :

-> High Ecpm results
-> Dedicated teams on each GEO
-> Deliverability teams to make sure your data stays in good health
-> Monthly reporting & KPIs.

Let's talk !

Skype: live:france.affiliate07