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Need call for people looking to vacation in Vegas, and callers already in Vegas looking for show tickets, or etc.

Two IVR questions of being married/or couple, and active debit/credit card.

I am not getting near enough volume the buyer can handle, and this is a direct Vegas vacation company source.


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Adwords mobile only traffic targeting homeowners with electric bills over $100, credit scores 640+, and other standard criteria.

Looking for buyers with good coverage for 90 second payable calls.

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I get a lot of child custody, child support leads and calls I do not have a place for. I would love to have a place for these so at least they get contacted. Name a fair price and they are yours.

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Room for all types of calls except auto injury, and tech support. We can look at qualified calls, and raw calls are gaining a lot of interest because of their cheap nature.

14 years marketing so if I can do it I'll let you know, if I can't I'll let you know also. If we are close we can work on the numbers :-)

Letting me know the qualifying criteria for your verticals helps me make sure both the targeted keywords, and negative keywords are in line with your desired campaign. Negative keywords are almost more important than the terms we are targeting so the call are the most qualified as possible.

Also, if you need PPCall management, let me know. Flat rate monthly fee, no set up fees.

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I have been generating up to 1,000+ calls a day in the legal area (Divorce, Family Law, DUI, Criminal, PI, Workers Comp, BK, Tax, Civil, Legal Plans, Legal Fee Financing, Real Estate, Employment, and Disability).

Still have a large amount of overflow, and looking for additional buyers, or resellers.