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Frey OscarSeller

Hey Traffic AVailable

Frey OscarBuyer

Hi Guys.

I am Frey, and we are looking for best quality traffic for our private CPA network SOLO Ads.
we have good payment terms for those who have quality traffic and we provides higher rates.

Our best Verticals
Software , Sweepstakes and Mobile Apps

Models : CPA , CPI and CPS

Contact for more details
Email :
Skype : live:.cid.73a6cfa01e16f393

Frey OscarSeller

Hey Everyone
I am Frey from SOLO ads LTD,
we are looking for direct advertisers. and in - house offers.
Verticals :
1. Utility CPI CPS
2. Casino/Gambling
3. Software
4. Dating/Adult
5. Extensions
6. Subscribe
7. Sign Up
8. Click 2 SMS
9. Sweeps

we have good quality traffic for these all verticals
contact for more details :
Email :
Skype : live:.cid.73a6cfa01e16f393