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Allan MichaelBuyer


Offline APK traffic - All GEOS accepted
Looking for more than 2k installs a day.

Daily Pay, Weekly Pay is available

Buying Offline APK traffic for all geos. Please send your Skype to my mail.

Allan MichaelSeller

We are Selling Daily 500 to 1000 ( Pharmacy, Tech Support, Travel ) calls in various Geos.

Top Geo: US, CA, UK AU, FR, JP ES DE

- Best Call Quality
- Good flow of calls
- AHT weekly - 15 to 19 mins

Our calls are paid and generate via google Bing, Best quality ever.

PM - for Cooperation, Please we work on prepayment only after daily payment.

Allan MichaelSeller

I am Getting 500+ Leads daily for Mobile Dating, Adult Dating, Apps . Looking for huge buyer, buyer who can buy more than 500 leads a day from me on prepay.

Selling Mobile Dating & Adult Dating:

Traffic Details:

United Kingdom:
500+ quality leads and unique IP daily

500+ quality leads and unique IP daily

New Zealand:
250+ quality leads and unique IP daily

100+ quality leads and unique IP daily

200+ quality leads and unique IP daily

200+ quality leads and unique IP daily

100+ quality leads and unique IP daily

Traffic Source:
Email Marketing, We have huge and converting unique database, SEO, Social Media, Blog and CPM, Media Buying.

Payment Term:

We work only on prepayment. At least minimum of $100 for few leads according to your prepay.

Please send me your skype. Let start working together.

Allan MichaelSeller

I'm selling my special tested 90k Loan & Forex Depositors with other companies database with me. Run and test with high ROI.

I have basically all world in most top GEOS.

Fully replacement of leads with not valid phone.
NO free test samples, post payments and stuff like that.

I will bring you the leads in Excel files on the day of verification of the payment.

You can run and test my database after payment. If the ROI is over 50% you can credit me for the work done.

For any info fell free to contact me

Allan MichaelBuyer


Do you have CPI smartlink traffic? or can run CPA offers such as survey, sweepstakes.

Please dont hesitate to contact me.

We pay you 20% to 30% payment of your daily revenue before normal approved payment day.

PM me your skype.


Allan MichaelSeller


Looking For This CPI offers:

Coral Sports Betting & Casino - 1000 Quality installs daily
William Hill Sports Betting - 1000 Quality installs daily
Ladbrokes Online Betting - 1000 Quality installs daily

On daily payment / Weekly,

If you have it direct or 2 redirection is ok for us.

Please if you can not make a daily payment - Stay Off

For weekly payment- You have to show us credit reference and we will confirm it before running your offers. if not, Then we will ask you prepayment. So scammer stay off please.

PM me your Skype.