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Epom Market: Self Serve Account
Epom Market: Self Serve Account Ads
Anne MalitzSeller

Want to get up to 1M app users? We develop tailored app strategy, choose top-performing ad channels and create video & media materials for your app, while you pay for positive results only. We have exclusive SDK & DSP traffic.

You can apply for free app audit before Aug 20 and we'll help you get +30% more app users.

Anne MalitzSeller

Epom Market has developed the most convenient FREE platform for advertisers.

Now you can create your self-serve account and launch desktop & mobile campaigns within minutes.

Set up and track ad campaigns across devices and channels, optimize them in real time and choose only the best-performing creatives and traffic sources.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try It Now:
1) Complete autonomy: you get full control over your campaigns;
2) Easy campaign setup: only necessary tools & no distractions;
3) Quick campaign launch: start your campaign in 2 minutes and in just a few clicks;
4) Real-time analytics to make the right business decisions;
5) Fast-growing inventory of 500+ direct publishers.