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At Fermos, we specialize in building customized, adjustable, easy-to-install Gondola shelving for all your display needs! Your store, your style. Keep up with the latest gondola racks.

Get on a consultation call (+1 514-941-7201) with the retail experts at Fermos or read more here:

Fermos provide quality retail solutions at the best possible price. We design, manufacture and install gondola shelving for high-performing stores across the country.

Our shelves are built with a combination of steel and aluminum that allows them to be strong enough to hold any product while still being lightweight enough for easy installation.
From a single shelf to multiple units, we have a wide selection of gondola shelving options so you can choose the right set up for your specific requirements.

Fermos IncSeller

Fermos - A Leading Manufacturing Company based in Montreal, Canada. Fermos manufactures all types of metal, wood and acrylic products for retail and hospitality.

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With over 7 decades of in-depth expertise and manufacturing experience, we offer high quality products in three categories - retail and hotels, hardware and lighting. Based in Montreal, Canada, we have a 100,000 square foot think tank where our team of designers, engineers and other manufacturing, storage and distribution professionals work.

At Fermos, we can promise you quality products at competitive prices. Some of our retail products are hanger bars, illuminated panels, shelves, gondolas, space savers, etc., while shopping carts, wall lights, TV stands, modular wall systems, etc., are among the products of the hotel industry.