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AdSlaney Ads
Maya HillSeller

We can work with XML feeds - a simple and convenient option for those looking to place their POP ads. That is a strictly CPC based tool. If you're set on working on CPM, consider using our SSP (Supply Side Platform) to buy our banner traffic. We offer black and white lists, close traffic monitoring, targeting your audience by any parameter you like and high number of publishers from all over the world.

Have a site and want to make money from it? Look no further! Our network offers quick and easy ways to make cash doing what you love – taking care of your websites, apps or blogs. Whatever the thematic is, whatever the format, we can monetize it! Create a free account and speak to one of our managers to find what would work best for you.

The easiest way to start is to acquire a direct link or a JS tag from a manager: just insert it into your site – that’s it, you’ve started!

Want to learn more or become a partner? You’re always welcome to talk to us via

skype: live:adslaney