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Fernando SegréJob Offer

Do you have experience as a media buyer? Are you looking for better conditions than your current position? Searching for the peacefulness of working from home?
If your answer is a yes for all of these, ping us a message with your offer. Feel free to pass along this opportunity to your other contacts.
More information:


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Albert cried Jon Buyer

It is completely free to participate. This competition will be carried out by AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited
💸💵🤑💸💵🤑💸💵💸💵💸💰💵💸💵💸🤑 Users are provided with a questionnaire and advertising offers from third-party marketers after entering the competition draw. Although participants accept and consent to their email address and other contact information being sent to third party marketers upon admission, completing the questionnaire is not a prerequisite for entry into the competition. Any of the companies linked with AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited and the website are not affiliated with, promoted by, or authorised by any of the companies involved with the website.

Albert cried Jon Seller

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D MerkleBuyer

whats up guys i have huge ammount of bundle PPI traffic from Geos-US,UK,CA,&AU. .PPI
looking for chrome browser install to run
if you want to have a fair deal then feel free to ping me on skype-live:dmerkle1230

Fernando SegréBuyer

Sell us your remnant traffic. Through our smart waterfall system we can fill your unsold inventory!!

Fernando SegréSeller

Try our premium lead program.
Non-Rotating offers only.
Education offers are working best - Over 100+ daily leads.
Average 94% validated leads.
No Adult/Gambling/TechSupport/Malware.
Message in private for further information

Fernando SegréBuyer
Send me inbox with CPA or CPC rate.

Robert AtkinsonSeller

I sell software "seo, ppc, media buy, sem - adwords"

With cheap price and quality

To get good and true traffic

Target country: europe and Asia

Please contact skype hendra.boyz

Fernando SegréSeller

Selling Opt-In database for DE to monetize with the following info:

First Name
Last Name
No duplicates

0.30eur CPL

Fernando SegréBuyer

Buying large volumes of RON traffic for premium rotating offers. - Long term partnership wanted only.
Average fillrate 80%-90% on Rev-Share basis.
Average eCPM $0.80 - $1.40 depending on the traffic and geos
Net 60 Terms Only
Open Budget
We provide login.

You'll be satisfied with the results on the first fays already! Come and become another satisfied client on our network!

Fernando SegréJob Offer

Do you have experience managing and generating sales on e-commerce? Then you got yourself a gig.
Send me an inbox with your experience, which tools you use, the estimated budget needed, and salary, and we will work out a cooperation.

Fernando SegréSeller

Selling In-Banner Video inventory at competitive rates!! Desktop & Mobile targetting, sitelist available