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Griffin Digital Media
Griffin Digital Media Ads

If you are an SSP/Publisher looking for high budget campaigns or a DSP looking to reach a unique audience, we conduct billions of auctions every month on Banners, Native & Video.

Inbox us at /
Or Skype us at Nitika Shaikh / Ashwin Subramaniam -Griffin Digital Media


Premium Inventory available from all over the globe. Integration via XML feeds or self-serve platform.
Can offer net payment terms as well.

Inbox us at :

Skype us at: Ashwin Subramaniam -Griffin Digital Media


High Quality zero click(domain redirect) traffic available on PPC for shopping, finance & crypto offers. We can integrate via XML feeds or work through our self-serve platform. 
We are also working with POP(mainstream, adult and tech support) and Audience extn(PV/TOS) traffic. 
Looking forward to building demand side relations for the above type of traffic. 
PS: We are also capable of integrating via oRTB for native, banner and video. 

Connect with us:
Spype: knitika_1
Skype: sharikarif6